Vote for Darien Avan

My passion in EvE is getting people where they want to be. Help the new, support the needy, befriend even sometimes the enemy.

*Voting will be available during the period: 10th – 17th June

**CSM14 Members Announcement: 22th June

Voting process

The Council delegates are selected during the general election among the active EVE Online player accounts. Voting is held in a web form at the CSM portal on EVE Online websitefor a limited period of time that is announced in advance by CCP. To vote, players should drag and drop selected candidates from the list of approved candidates in the order of preference, from highest to lowest.Votes are processed with an STV script, using Wright’s system.

What is the CSM?

The Council of Stellar Management is a player advocacy group, consisting
of 10 members democratically elected by the players to advise and
assist CCP in the continuous development of EVE. The CSM brings focused,
structured feedback from the community to CCP and represents its views
and interests.

The role of a CSM member

The role of a CSM member is to represent the player community in the development of EVE Online. As an elected representative, the CSM will have clear communication paths with CCP and a chance to influence the development of EVE Online.