My Priorities

My Priorities as a member of CSM

  1. During my time cloaky camping has been the worst issue I have come upon. This mechanism has enforced the game play of grief. Although I can accept that this mechanism is part of the game, I cannot bear to accept that people are coming at a point where they are unable to play the game they are actually paying real money for. We can arouse a huge argument of the correctness of this mechanism or its fault. Although I think we can all agree to the fact that it cannot exist without an in game mechanism that can actually make it viable for those afflicted by it.
  2. Upwell Structures are probably the greatest game change made by CCP for EvE Online the last decade. Although long reinforce timers have made them a source of stagnation for potential offensive content in the areas they dominate. CCP has gone through some positive side changes although we are long way from a final version of how Upwell structures should operate. On top of this, Upwell structures unlike ships should be upgradable into various schemes in order to provide more content and divergence.
  3.   CSM role is to act as an advisory tool to CCP regarding the player base issues that occur at EvE:Online (gameplay wise). In the late years CSM is comprised by mostly the same faces. Leading to power groups electing constantly the same people in the same roles, keeping a strong hand in the council. Permanency at any role leads to corruption and stagnation. CSM itself alongside with CCP should facilitate a solution in order to restore CSM to its original role.

*Voting will be available during the period: 10th – 17th June

**CSM14 Members Announcement: 22th June